• Best Performance:
    Elastic training Eccentric training Incremental adjustments, 0.1kg

  • Efficient:
    save time and space
    Small floor space Quick set up for all types of training Safer than weight stack machines

  • Powerful and Unique

    Sleek design Sports specific movement training

  • Smarter: New Tech For
    Sports Training
    Digitalize, 18.5” touch screen Real-time feedback and workout summary Scientific training APP and cloud


AMPERA is for those serious about achieving superior results.

Performance Coaches

Athletic Trainers

Professional Athletes

Personal Trainers

Physical Therapists

Key Features


0.1 kg adjustment increments. Workout plans become more versatile. Progression and overloading training can be achieved with fine tuning


Require little floor space. Screen could be spilt in two to train two users or a single user for unilateral movements. Sleek and minimal design of AMPERA ICT matches the style you’d expect from a superior training device

Scientific Training

Stay motivated and push yourself at each rep with the real-time data. Compare and analyze the workout summary to adjust for best plan to make progress. Trainers can monitor sessions, performance and workout intensity of members

Unlimited Customizable Programs

Designed by AMPERA trainers and sports science experts. These programs are updated timely. Stay on top of your workout and try out new routines to help your clients achieve better results with variety

Electrical resistance

Smooth movement with various resistance settings. Without weight stacks, the resistance is steady and continuous and won’t be affected by momentum.


AMPERA is completely digital, which removes safety concerns from using free weights. A built-in safety mechanism also helps you workout at maximum levels to improve yourself without the risk of getting injured.

Eccentric training

The only efficient, but safe strength training machine, which prevents injury with built-in safety mechanisms that allows for overload training. Train safely and effectively with progressing loads throughout the movement. Enhance strength effectively and prevent muscle injuries.

Elastic training

Power and speed determine your performance. It simulates elastic band training, which isolates every angle of the joints and increases the range of motion to enhance flexibility of each muscle group. It can also train specific small muscle groups and synergistic muscles, which increases stability. Elastic strength training uses changes in electrical resistance to simulate the true specific motions that requires explosiveness. i.e. The acceleration period when a baseball pitcher throws or the moment right before a football player kicks a ball. Maximize your training result and master specific movement wiht elastic training.


About US: AMPERA R&D Team

AMPERA is introduced for you to enhance the training effectiveness of any athlete, to superior levels. The R&D team gathered information from the French and Italian national athletes, including bottlenecks the athletes had personally experienced; the influence of external environment on training; injuries and rehabilitation of athletes … With 10 years of fortitude to solve these problems effectively, AMPERA is finally created by the team, combining the expertise of Olympic coaches and a professor from University of Technology of Compiègne(UTC).

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